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The primary focus of Petrosonic Energy is to provide technologies that upgrade heavy oil economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. Petrosonic's patented SonoprocessTM does just that. It uses clean tech sonic energy to de-asphalt heavy oil at a much smaller scale, lower capital and operating costs than conventional upgraders and at lower costs than blending operations that use diluent to transport the heavy crude via pipelines. SonoprocessTM eliminates the use of diluent for heavy oil producers thus reducing their production costs considerably and it can decongest the pipeline capacity by 1/3rd by replacing diluent. The processing capacity of the Sonoprocess can be increased modularly, thus, benefiting all heavy oil producers, small and large, as well as, pipeline, storage and refining companies.

Petrosonic has developed, tested and validated its core technology through a reputable independent engineering firm. The company also has recently developed a proprietary solution that enables the Sonoprocess to use lpg/propane as solvents which are widely available and much cheaper than other solvents previously used. The new solution de-risks the technology further and improves the net returns considerably.

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Petrosonic's core technology is a proprietary industrial scale sonic reactor that transfers sonic energy on an industrial scale to physical, chemical or biological processes.


The Company is commercializing its patented sonic generator and related technologies through wholly-owned subsidiaries ventures.


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