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Technology / Petrosonic Heavy Oil Process (SonoprocessTM)


Petrosonic Energy Inc.

Petrosonic Heavy Oil Process (SonoprocessTM)

Petrosonic has developed a simple, cost effective commercial process that improves heavy oil densities by 5 to 10 API from crudes with densities as low as 8 API. Sonoprocess Tm reduces viscosities of oil by 99% to pipeline specifications and reduces sulphur by 40% and heavy metals by over 70%.

This process is especially beneficial to producers with the following intrinsic challenges:
  • Stranded heavy oil due to transportation issues
  • Diluent supply issues
  • Limited refining markets (light oil refiners struggle with heavy oil)
  • Heavy discounts due to
    • Density adjustments
    • High sulphur content
    • High metals content
Petrosonic plans to have its first 1,000 bopd stand-alone facility operational in the 3nd quarter of 2013. If we are able to successfully establish this facility, we expect that heavy oil producers may want to integrate the Petrosonic system at their cost into their treatment facilities. Petrosonic would sell the process solution and retain a royalty fee under this type of development. This strategy would allow for faster growth. Petrosonic may also develop its own stand-alone facilities. Further upside opportunities exist in several other applications which we are developing including among others:
  • Heavy oil recuperation from waste oils and tail ponds
  • Oil separations from dill cuttings
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Petrosonic's core technology is a proprietary industrial scale sonic reactor that transfers sonic energy on an industrial scale to physical, chemical or biological processes.


The Company is commercializing its patented sonic generator and related technologies through wholly-owned subsidiaries ventures.


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