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SonoprocessTM Stages

Step 1: Solvent De-asphalting

The primary process of solvent de-asphalting dissolves bitumen in a common paraffinic solvent. The solvent is selected to ensure complete dissolution of the oil-soluble component of the bitumen with the solvent to form a De-asphalted Oil (DAO) while the insoluble hydrocarbon component known as asphaltenes are readily filtered through simple separation. This asphaltenes fraction is concentrated with heavy metals such as Nickel and Vanadium as well as Sulphur.

The Petrosonic reactor, using its patented low-frequency / high-energy / high-amplitude reactor design, allows for significant improvement in the mass transfer efficiency of the solvent de-asphalting step in particular, cutting the de-asphalting time required from 6 to 10+ hours to 2 minutes.

Step 2: Solvent Recovery

At the completion of the two-stage Petrosonic upgrading process, the upgraded oil is separated from the solvent through a standard solvent recovery process such as an evaporator or distillation column. Given the significant differential in boiling points of the upgraded oil and the solvent for recovery, the separation process is economical and readily applicable to recover solvent with a solvent residual of less than 4% remaining in the oil and probably below 2%. Such a small solvent residual in the oil is well within the expected quality parameters for pipeline and refinery specifications. The recovered solvent is reused at the solvent de-asphalting stage to complete the closed loop on the Petrosonic upgrading process.

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Petrosonic's core technology is a proprietary industrial scale sonic reactor that transfers sonic energy on an industrial scale to physical, chemical or biological processes.


The Company is commercializing its patented sonic generator and related technologies through wholly-owned subsidiaries ventures.


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